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Since its inception in 1980, Otsar has created many new programs and services that we never would have dreamed of back then.  Otsar tries to open every door possible for the special needs population in order to include them within our community.  Otsar’s accomplishments have been widely heralded in the community and beyond. We have garnered commendation and support from parents, community leaders, government agencies and elected officials, all of whom recognize the trailblazing work that Otsar does for so many. However, many fundamental issues still remain and we are committed to continuously advocating for every available opportunity that will allow our children and adults to live within the community and live their lives to the fullest.  

One of Otsar’s newest advocacy program deals with special needs education services from the NYC Department of Education.   Otsar offers parents free assistance in advocating on behalf of their children who may need special education services.  This advocacy service is open to any child who may need services like occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy either at their homes or in a yeshiva setting.

The focus of this program is to make sure parents fully understand their rights when dealing with the New York City Department of Education, regardless of whether their children are in a mainstream or special education setting.  Otsar’s goal is to help parents navigate the bureaucratic system as quickly as possible and to ensure that their children receive the special-ed services they need, deserve, and are entitled to.  

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