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Chevra Program

Otsar’s Chevra is an all-male “Dayhab without Walls” program for individuals who have developmental disabilities.  Our home base is centrally located in the heart of Flatbush at 2882 Nostrand Avenue.  Otsar’s Chevra prides itself on providing unparalleled individualized attention.  This consists of community integration through volunteering at various businesses throughout the community, participating in recreational activities, and assisting with food preparation in order to further independence and interpersonal relationships.   Bringing out each individual’s highest potential is our ultimate goal.


Additionally, we pride ourselves on being a parent-driven program.  Our constant collaboration with the parents allows for heightened program creativity and acute individual focus.  Having close access to a network of parents who share similar challenges and accomplishments is not only a comfort, but it is an asset that can be utilized for the parents and families for years to come.  We offer day, evening and Sunday programs six days a week! 


We encourage you to join the Otsar Chevra family!  

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