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Sunday and School Holiday Program

When schools are not in session, either because it is a Sunday or a holiday, parents often have a difficult time finding a productive way to keep their special needs child occupied and engaged.  Otsar fills this need by providing an organized program filled with structured and stimulating activities.  

The Sunday and School Holiday Program provides structured activities and classes given in a familiar environment with familiar instructors. These classes, including Movement and Motion, gym, woodworking, baking, and more, are juxtaposed with exciting trips to many unique places in the New York Area.  Many of the programs and field trips are tied to the different holidays in an effort to make the holidays more real and hands on.  All of the programs are designed to be educational, engaging and fun, all while encouraging socialization with peers. 

This program benefits families as much as it benefits their children.  The children receive a fun entertaining recreational program and get to spend time with their friends.  The families can enjoy a brief respite from what could otherwise have been an unstructured and potentially stressful day.  They can now have peace of mind knowing their child is safe and well cared for and can plan their own day accordingly.  The parents have come to depend on these scheduled days and the children look forward to the exciting activities.  As a result, Otsar’s Sunday and School Holiday program is one of the largest in New York City.  

This program is regulated and partially funded by OPWDD.  


For more information email 


If you need to contact our program on Sunday the phone number is (718)-946-7301 Ext 205.


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