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Day Habilitation Program

While children with disabilities “age out” of the Department of Education at the age of 21, no individual ever “ages out” of Otsar. It is for that reason that Otsar provides day habilitation services (day hab) every weekday for individuals. This program allows our young adults, adults and seniors the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs that foster independence, community integration, and individual growth. 


Otsar’s Day Hab program helps enrich the lives of these individuals by giving them a purpose and a goal to reach. Each person in our day hab program has a customized development plan identifying targeted goals. Our warm and professional day hab staff works closely with each day hab members to help guide them toward their goals. Activities at the day hab are designed to promote skills, independence, community inclusion, building friendships and making informed choices.  They come to day hab each morning with a sense of purpose and leave in the afternoon with a sense of accomplishment. Through this program, we strive to help each participant become active and contributing members of our community.

This program is regulated and partially funded by OPWDD. 


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     Managed Services

  • Creative Innovated Art focusing on developing fine motor skills

  • Horticulture Therapy in our onsite garden

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Sports

  • Exercise

  • Kitchen Activity to include healthy cooking, food decorating, food discussions and cooking skills

  • Current Events

  • Prevocational Training at
    various volunteer sites

  • Special Events

  • And More...

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