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Our Mission

Otsar believes in the value and worth of each individual, regardless of his or her abilities or disabilities. Every individual deserves as a basic right to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. For those with developmental disabilities, Otsar is committed to establishing programs and services which assure opportunities for growth and development with the ultimate goal of helping them live as a valued and productive member within their community. Through the use of 

state of the art technology and trained professionals, Otsar supports and empowers individuals with special needs to strive as high as possible. For close to 30 years, Otsar Family Services has been providing quality programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Otsar takes a family oriented approach with the goal to help not only the individuals with special needs, but their families as well. We are dedicated to helping infants, children, adults and seniors grow, develop, lead full and rewarding lives, and to ultimately become active, accepted and included members of their communities. Whether it’s helping a child take their first step or helping an adult find their first job, the goal is the same - to help people with developmental disabilities achieve their highest potential. Otsar makes a difference, one family at a time, one individual at a time.

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