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Community Habilitation

It is crucial that children and adults with disabilities learn daily living and social skills in their own home environment. These skills will be carried over into their interactions in the community. Otsar’s unique community habilitation program (Comm. Hab) provides individualized services to help lessen the developmental gap by addressing each person’s developmental needs.

Comm Hab can be carried out either in the individual’s home or in the community during the hours that are most convenient to the individual or their family. Otsar’s trained staff will work one on one with each individual helping them achieve the greatest possible independence in numerous areas ranging from mastering household chores such as washing dishes or making their bed to acquiring skills of independence within the community such as ordering food in a restaurant or navigating public transportation. For younger individuals, our staff work on a range of skills sets necessary for their independence and integration. These may include helping them develop skills necessary to feed themselves, complete homework tasks, or even blowing bubbles. 

The overall goal of comm hab is to help these individuals develop skills and assist them to lead independent lives as productive members of our community. 

This program is regulated and partially funded by OPWDD. 


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